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Desktop Feasibility Solution

First ever online analytical tool to assess residential project viability.
Powered by Liases Foras data and analytics
six steps to help you discover the price, product mix and market share for your project
DEFINE THE SITE DETAILS Provide project site and location details,VIEW CATCHMENT ANALYSIS DFS will provide quarterly and annual trends on demand, supply, price and other indicators for your catchment area,DISCOVER PRICE Define the quality of product and surroundings and our proprietary hedonic model on urban price setting will help you discover the appropriate market price for your project,DISCOVER PRODUCT MIX DFS will factor for project size, price and location to develop an appropriate product mix for your project,ASSESS MARKET SHARE DFS will assess the market share you can achieve based on the past performance of top projects in your catchment area and at the macro level,GUAGE FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS DFS will provide a financial solution based ont he recommended product mix and help you test sensitivity i.e. the impact of changes to price and velocities on your finances

steps to help you discover the price, product mix and market share for your project

Desktop Feasibility Solution (DFS) uses a data driven approach to help you make spatially and economically viable decisions for your project. It uses real time data on projects and real estate trends in your catchment area and helps you make decisions in six easy steps.

The interactive analysis helps you answer questions like:

  • How can you increase the market share and sales velocity for your project?
  • How will changes in price (premium or discount) and product mix impact the sales velocity and your finances?

How will it help you


Land Purchase:

  • Productive land price assessment
  • Deal Structuring/Restructuring
  • Financial viability of project

Product Planning:

  • Re-validate your gut feel
  • Re-validating your proposed product mix & price
  • Identifying the best performing and ideal product for your site

Competition & Inventory Analysis:

  • Competitive Project Mapping
  • Achievable Market Share
  • Market dynamics & prevailing velocity

Quick assessment of financial potential:

  • Revenue Realization
  • Cost & Profitability Assessment
  • Price Sensitivity Analysis

Construction Finance Company/Banks and HFCs

Deal Viability & Profitability Assessment:

  • Project Gestation
  • Financial prudence
  • Land price and construction cost re-validation

Assumption Revalidation:

  • Sale & inventory trends in the catchment
  • Achievable price & velocity (sales gestation) as per market dynamics

Quick Proposal Evaluation:

  • Complete project feasibility of the project
  • Product & price viability
You can assess the prevailing market dynamics & revalidate the assumptions of cash flow projections given by the prospective borrower/partner.

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Liases Foras is an independent real estate research organisation having offices in Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi. Liases Foras was founded in 1998 as a boutique non-broking real estate research and advisory firm and has since evolved into a data-focused real estate research lab employing over 120 people. Liases Foras tracks and closely examines the health of the real estate sector in over 65+ cities across India, including all metro and capital cities. Liases Foras is the official consulting partner of the National Housing Bank and is currently engaged in re-building the RESIDEX property price index for NHB.

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